Become a DeafPhoenix  Changemaker!

We rise when we lift each other up from the ashes. Healing for Ohio Deaf crime victims becomes more possible with your support of monetary donation during #GivingTuesday. 

DeafPhoenix’s trauma centered advocacy program provides access to 7 Deaf advocates serving crime victims whom report over six different kinds of abuse from childhood to adulthood spanning 88 counties.

Meaningful access brings out inner strength and resiliency to grow from trauma towards violence-free lives with stable housing, food security, transportation access,  education, steady employment, healthier relationships, and purpose.

As a Deaf survivor of abuse, Ann experiences relief in the knowledge that “she would be able to communicate easily with her DeafPhoenix advocate angels.  Options to access services in her native language resulted in the burden of everything slowly lifting off allowing her to sleep a little more today without nightmares.” 

Your monetary donation makes an immediate and significant difference for Ohio Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard of Hearing, and hearing crime victims of Deaf families rising from ashes towards re-building new life with safety, healing, justice, and restoration.

DeafPhoenix is an official 
501c (3) non-profit organization
with tax exemption status.