DeafPhoenix Advocacy Services

Our free and customized direct anti-violence advocacy, training/technical assistance, and interactive multimedia services include…

Individual Advocacy

  • Information, Empowerment Options, Linkage to Referrals, Accompaniment to access crime victimization assistance services (hospital for medical services, filing police report, and requesting protection orders at courthouse) and statewide community resources.
  • Psycho-education on Crime Victimization, Crime Victims’ Rights, Impact of Trauma, Healing Strategies, and Safety Planning.

Trauma Informed Counseling and Psychoeducation

  • Individual and Peer counseling
  • Psychoeducation support groups
  • Structured and creative healing activities

Legal Advocacy

  • Assistance to file police report, protection order, compensation for crime victimization, and VINE for notification to be aware where the person moved from one jail system and possibly scheduled for a release from jail.
  • Accompaniment and support to access law enforcement agencies, numerous court systems including domestic relations, municipal, common pleas, and identified community systems.

Systems Advocacy

  • Assistance to access information on statewide community resources, your crime victims’ rights, and American Disabilities Act (ADA) rights.
  • Accompaniment to navigate through multiple statewide systems and access resources for safety, justice, and healing needs.

Community Awareness

  • Outreach and psycho-education workshops on crime victimization, response, and community driven solutions.

Technical Assistance/Training and Consultation

  • For Deaf service organizations on different crime victimization, impact and response to trauma, and empowering service provision.
  • For Hearing service organizations on best practices on culturally empowering services for Ohio’s Deaf communities and beyond.
  • For Interpreters on Trauma Informed Interpreting and Professional Development needs.