Core Values

DeafPhoenix Core Values:

1). Deaf Centered: DeafPhoenix, run by Deaf for Deaf, is steadfast in our commitment to culturally and linguistically affirming advocacy, training/technical assistance, and interactive multimedia services in respect to intersectionalities of identities and lived experiences of individuals within Ohio’s Deaf communities.

2). Empowerment: DeafPhoenix is dedicated to empowering survivors and co-survivors to implement their rights and enhancing their capability to access information, options, and services with increased self-confidence. We honor the survivor’s and co-survivor’s strength, resiliency, and courage in exercising self-determination as an expert on what’s best for their life.

3). Confidential: DeafPhoenix strongly believes that confidentiality is imperative for survivors and co-survivors who trust us to respect their privacy while seeking safety, justice, healing, and restoration towards violence-free life. We believe in their choice to determine what information is necessary for their journey from victim, survivor, and thriver.

4). Integrity and Ethics: DeafPhoenix values honesty and accountability as reflected by best practices on advocacy, education, and empowerment through culturally empowering work with survivors, co-survivors, multi-disciplinary collaborators, and Ohio’s Deaf communities. We consistently strive for adherence to advocacy ethics and standards for excellence in our anti-violence endeavors.

5). Community Engagement: DeafPhoenix believes in strength of community engagement towards ending oppression, and gender-based and power-based violence necessitates authentic, mindful, and productive dialogue in safe spaces. Mobilization of diverse individuals in leadership capacity to generate awareness and take action to foster change in social and community conditions for safer and healthier Ohio’s Deaf communities is the heart of our work. In the spirit of collectivism, we reinforce the significance of our community accountability on survivor, co-survivor, and community safety for future generations.

6). Social Justice: DeafPhoenix recognizes that oppression including privilege and inequity, in all of its forms, is among the root of violence through individual, social, systematic, and institutional levels. To end violence requires us to take a closer look at racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, audism, ageism and many others. Through lens of intersectionality, we collectively begin to deconstruct oppression, break the silence about abuse, and promote healthy norms of equity, safety and respect within our Ohio Deaf communities.